It is no secret that I am a giant nerd. I have LOVED the video game series Pokemon since I was a kid, and to this day I still do.

Not many people know that the Pokemon cards are not just for collecting. While some of them are worth a LOT of money, many people worldwide actually play the card game for cash and prizes. 

A couple weekends ago, Caroline Director and her mom Pam found out Pam just might be a Pokemon master. Like most parents, this mom wanted to support her daughter's hobby, no matter how unique. So instead of joining her daughter to a baseball game, or gymnastics, this mom followed her daughter to a Pokemon Trading Card Game tournament.

Well instead of just sitting back and watching, Caroline recommended her mom participate stating the game isn't that difficult to pick up.

Well Pam proved that she is a Pokemon legend by defeating a TON of players making it all the way to the top 8. Along the way she even beat her own daughter.

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