Martina McBride has released the music video for the title track off of her upcoming album, Reckless.

The video features McBride alone in a dark and dusty room -- and she's going a little bit crazy: destroying the walls by tearing off paper and whitewashing the room, and eventually even going so far as to cut off chunks of her own hair. But once the walls begin to get brighter, shots of the singer, wearing lighter clothing, in a brighter room start being interspersed with the other footage, completely changing the mood of the clip. Press play above to watch.

"Reckless," which was written by Sarah Buxton, Zach Crowell and Heather Morgan, features McBride's voice well, but it changes things up for the singer in style and tempo.

"It's a really unique sound," McBride tells People. "I feel like the production is definitely fresh and different, but I also I feel like my singing is very familiar. It's the kind of song people hear and people say, 'Oh, that sounds like her.'

"... My interpretation of [the song] is, it's about gratitude for unconditional love, and it's about being vulnerable," she continues. "The track is big and energetic and kind of tough, but the lyrics are vulnerable and powerful ... There's a lot of different kinds of reckless: It's taking chances, it's being daring, it's doing the unexpected. I think it has a positive connotation."

It’s no coincidence that McBride did not write “Reckless.” She’s said previously that she will not be writing any of the material on her upcoming album.

“I haven’t had the need to write — I haven’t written anything that’s as good as what I’ve found from these amazing Nashville songwriters,” the artist notes. “Nashville is a really special place — it’s a community of songwriters and producers and musicians. I’ve been able to find really great songs.”

Reckless is set for release via Nash Icon Records on April 29.

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