The man who the Dallas Police Department originally suspected was one of the snipers who opened fire on officers during a Black Lives Matter protest peacefully turned over his weapon to an officer in newly released footage.

The clip, recorded by Facebook user A.D. Samuels and provided to WFAA's Mike Leslie, was uploaded to Twitter following news that the man named as a suspect by the Dallas Police Department had turned himself in.

The man, identified as Mark Hughes, is seen handing over his weapon to a Dallas police officer in the video above. The officer hands Hughes a card with his name and number before leaving with the rifle.

Hughes has since been released by the Dallas Police Department and is no longer a suspect or person of interest in the shooting. He's the brother of protest organizer Cory Hughes.

According to police, 11 officers were shot by two suspects at an elevated position. Four Five of them have died.

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