MacGruber TV show? Is that really possible? The film of MacGruber — the big-screen adaptation of the MacGyver-spoofing Saturday Night Live sketches — was one of the biggest Hollywood flops of this century. (It made less than Furry Vengeance, the film where Brendan Fraser fought with a raccoon. I’m not an accountant, but that seems very bad.)

Nonetheless, news surfaced this week that MacGruber creators Will Forte, John Solomon, and director Jorma Taccone were pitching a MacGruber television series to networks. And last night on The Tonight Show, Forte confirmed those meetings, and even acted out a brief scene from the show with Jimmy Fallon.

On the basis of this brief clip above, I am willing to go on the record and state that 1) a MacGruber show, if it happened, would be the funniest television series in history, and that 2) a MacGruber show will never ever happen. There’s just no way.

Still, it’s fun to dream. And there are more streaming services and channels willing to throw money at proven properties than ever. Okay, sure MacGruber is basically the opposite of a proven property — technically there should be a Furry Vengeance television show before there’s a MacGruber one.

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