Mac Powell is drawing on his own personal experience for "Mess of Me," his new single with his new project, the Family Reunion. Powell's relationship with his wife served as the inspiration for a tale about the overwhelming, sometimes crazy passion of a new love.

The former Third Day singer's new project draws on disparate elements that include rock, soul, gospel and country for a unique sound that is compellingly raw, but still polished in terms of production and songcraft. "Mess of Me" blends a gritty southern rock and soul feel with a bed track of jaunty acoustic guitars and pedal steel. It's all topped off with an alluring, singalong pop melody that Powell delivers in his trademark earthy growl for a song that sounds like what might happen if the Beatles collaborated with the Allman Brothers Band.

"I'm a little lovesick and can't think right / This fever that I'm feeling's got me up all night / Tossin' and a-turnin' callin' out your name / Don't know if I'm ever gonna be the same / Feelin' kinda dizzy and it's hard to see / Look what you've done, you made a mess of me," Powell sings.

"I wrote this song while looking back and remembering when I first fell in love with my wife, Aimee," Powell tells us. "Remembering what it feels like to want so bad to be with someone and that you would do anything in your power to make that happen. Sometimes that love can make us a little sick and crazy - keeping us up late at night and making us do things that we wouldn’t normally do."

"Mess of Me" appears on Mac Powell and the Family Reunion's debut album, Back Again, which is set to drop on July 26 via Thirty Tigers. He formed the new group after Third Day played their final shows in 2018. The group's upcoming shows will feature their new music, some Third Day classics and a selection of interesting covers. Powell wants to acknowledge his past, but he's careful to stress that Mac Powell and the Family Reunion is his focus now.

“This is my new direction and the future as I see it,” he states. "There’s a new energy here. I feel like we’re building this thing together and all becoming part of this new family.”

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