Lowe's is proving they are a company that cares about their employees. They announced they will provide an additional $100 million of bonuses to support employees "with unforeseen expenses and hardships" during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this $100 million, that raises the total amount of bonuses to equate to $600 million they've given during the pandemic.

Marvin R. Ellison, Lowe's president and CEO gave a statement saying:

No one could have anticipated how long we would be navigating this pandemic together. As we approach the start of another school year, our commitment to support our hard-working associates will continue into August.


We are incredibly proud of how our stores, supply chain and corporate associates have faced this pandemic head-on to solve challenges in our communities and care for our customers. We are grateful for their resilience, teamwork and ongoing commitment to safety, and are pleased to share this additional bonus to help with childcare, remote-schooling and other general expenses they are managing during these tough times

In addition to the bonuses, all full-time, part time, and seasonal employees got a $2 raise.

Kudos to Lowe's for being there for their employees during this time.

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