There are some things worth splurging on, and for LoCash, taking a road trip up California's Pacific Coast Highway in a Porsche is one of those things. At the time, the country duo hadn't quite made it big yet, and they could barely afford the rental, but they decided that if they were going to take a West Coast road trip, they'd better do it right. 

It's a good thing they did, too. When the group's Chris Lucas and Preston Brust decided to take the trip, they had no idea just how special it would be. It was during that car ride that they heard themselves on country radio for the very first time. Read on for the full story, in LoCash's own words.

Chris Lucas: We were in California, and we rented a Porsche. We were in LA doing an interview, and we had to go about two and a half, three hours north on the Pacific Coast Highway. We didn't have the money, but we were like, 'Man, if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it.'

We took all the money we made that week and just rented the Porsche. It was, like, $350. I don't think it was even that warm out when we started going north, and we're rolling the top down, and we're driving.

Preston Brust: We tuned into KKGO, the LA radio station ...

Lucas: ... and we're listening, and "I Love This Life" comes on when we're driving. We had no idea it was gonna come on! And we're in a convertible -- I mean, we almost slid off the road, man. It just felt so good to hear it, especially being in a convertible on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Brust: These guys in the truck next to us, they were like, "What's going on?" We're like, "This is us on the radio!" We're trying to tell the people in traffic.

Lucas: We still get like that, man. We still get a little giddy hearing ourselves on the radio. It doesn't get old. I drove to Florida two days ago, and going through Atlanta, they were playing "Feels Like a Party," and I just cranked it up.

It just feels good. You know that you've accomplished something that you've worked so hard for, and are still working hard for.

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