Linsday Ell is undergoing surgery on Thursday (Feb. 28) to remove "pre-cancerous cells" her doctor found during a checkup. The country star shared the news on social media to encourage her fans to be vigilant with their own medical care.

"I don’t have cancer," Ell begins, "but the doctor found pre-cancerous cells growing in my body that need to be removed." She is scheduled to begin a tour of Europe on Saturday (March 2) and has been home in Nashville for a few days, spending some quality time with her mother, who came from Ell's native Canada for a visit. She'll now spend Thursday in surgery, "get[ting] this stuff out of my body."

"Sometimes we think we’re fine. Sometimes we think we eat healthy and workout, and that means we should be fine," Ell continues. "But never underestimate the power of a check up at the doctor. You never know, and if you catch something early enough, it could save your life."

Ell recently told People magazine that working out is what she does for fun. Fortunately, the health-conscious singer is taking the necessary action to deal with the news, and quickly.

Ell recently told The Boot that she was headed back into the studio to cut a sophomore major-label album with the help of producer Kristian Bush, working around her Monster Energy Outbreak Tour schedule. Ell is currently enjoying the success of her recent duet with Brantley Gilbert, "What Happens in a Small Town."

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