What do Lady Antebellum, Harley Davidson motorcycles, the beauty store Sephora and the Facebook page 'I Love Being a Mom' all have in common? Well, researchers at the University of Cambridge are claiming that 'liking' those things on Facebook may be a sign of a low IQ.

According to radio.com, researchers at the university in the United Kingdom took a close look at 58,000 Facebook users between 2007 and 2012, and correlated their 'likes' with the strength of their IQ's. Apparently, those who 'liked' the seven-time Grammy winning trio were in the low IQ group.

We just can't buy into that, as the country band has exhibited intelligence and drive in so many ways, exemplified through their poignant lyrics, thoughtful new album name and willingness to do the unexpected with their upcoming record.

What's not to like about that? The way we see it, fans are smart to 'like' Lady A, as they're a perfect example of what 'golden' opportunities can take place when hard work, passion and talent combine.

It seems the study may have been stereotyping against country fans, moms, and motorcycle lovers in a rather negative way. Also, if you're wondering what 'likes' translated to a high IQ, the items include curly fries and thunderstorms. If you want to really throw off the findings, you could crank up 'Downtown,' chow down on a few curly fries, and congratulate yourself not taking one study so seriously.

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