You may recognize Lewis Brice's last name, but don't jump to any conclusions before you listen to "Alabama," even if it was written with his brother, Lee Brice.

The song is one of six on Brice's new self-titled EP, available July 14. It's a soulful, almost swampy tale of a beautifully dangerous girl from Alabama. The two brothers have written a party song, thick with bass, and organ and vocal sirens adding a warning as they proceed.

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"She partied all night / Danced like a fiend / Drank like a fish / Out of water by a stream / Spun us in circles like a dream / Straight out of a movie scene," the younger Brice sings to close the second chorus.

Lewis Brice is a high-octane mix of country and southern rock. He celebrates his blues and gospel influences on the six-song EP. Like older brother Lee, Lewis holds little back vocally, throwing every ounce of energy into each verse and chorus. You can hear the similarities in their vocal style, but musically they're just complementary.

You may also recognize Brice as the lead actor in Lee Brice's music video for "I Drive Your Truck."

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