LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian have expanded their family. The duo have adopted a dog, who was rescued from an almost certain death in L.A.

Rimes shared a photo of the latest addition to the Rimes-Cibrian household via Twitter on Wednesday (Nov. 7) and what a cute canine she is!

Rimes tweeted: “We have a new member of our family... Meet Eveie. Mason named her. Thx."

Mason is Rimes’ nine-year-old stepson and Cibrian’s son. She revealed that Eveie is a name Mason had been saving for a future little sister. Aw!

According to PEOPLE, Rimes adopted the puppy after a friend found her wondering in traffic in Los Angeles. Her pal rescued the puppy and tweeted about it. Rimes then asked to meet the dog. "We ALL fell in love at first sight," Rimes said. "Even our doggies welcomed her instantly. She's brought a ton of joy into our home in just the few hours she's been with us.”

Rimes also said, "Eveie has a new home and family and we have a new love!"

Rimes recently entered rehab to deal with anxiety issues and has been in the press lately due to a legal battle with women she claims harassed her online. Adopting a puppy is often an intense and instant pick-me-up for people going through difficult times, so Rimes’ four-legged critter could give her another boost in her life.

We look forward to seeing more photos of the pup, as she grows and does cute stuff, on Twitter, since Rimes is generous and shares lot of info and photos via the social media service.

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