Chris Young is still a big kid at heart, and he proves it by confessing his favorite breakfast cereal, biggest fear and most likely late-night snack. Watch the "Losing Sleep" singer's episode of Last Question to learn everything you never dreamed of knowing about the country star.

Young recently visited with Taste of Country and on the way out, ToC's Ania Hammar tracked him down for one Last Question. It was a multi-part question that covered a few topics, but the Nashville native was kind enough to put up with us until he really had to drive away.

Things fans learn? He was a really bad construction worker, his dream vacation and he does believe in aliens! Also Young's party menu totally sounds like our favorites too — hey Chris, can we come play one night?

Probably not.

Last Question is Taste of Country's micro-interview feature that allows artists to talk about things fans always wanted to know but were too embarrassed to ask. We have no shame.

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