Following the release of their January 2018 debut album, Lanco have become a household name in country music. Hallelujah Nights debuted at No. 1 on the country charts, prompting Dierks Bentley to name the five-member outfit as an opening act for his Mountain High Tour. In April of 2018, the boys were nominated for two ACM Awards, and in November came their first CMA nod. And if all that weren't enough, in September, Lanco announced the Hallelujah Nights Tour, their first headlining run.

But a few years ago, Lanco were just another group of small-town Southern boys playing tiny shows at no-name bars. In fact, it was after one of those seemingly insignificant shows that Lanco heard their song on the radio for the first time -- and as soon as they did, they made sure everyone else could hear it, too!

I think we were in Chicago; it was a couple years ago, and [it was] our first single, ["Long Live Tonight"]. We had just played this bar in Wrigleyville in Chicago, and then we loaded up the van and were driving down the road.

I remember hearing it and thinking that someone was playing it on their phone and was like, "Alright, why are we listening to our own music?" and then saw it was actually on the radio and was like, "WE'RE ON THE RADIO!" and freaked out!

Then we rolled down the window and turned it up as loud as we could and made sure everyone else heard us on it too.

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