King Calaway's debut single "World for Two" is a love song with an easy-to-love message. The pop-friendly, polished vocal harmonies of this mid-tempo acoustic cut are like sonic spooning.

Short version: this world is cray so I'mma gonna simplify and make a world for just you and me. The men of King Calaway are a little smoother with their presentation. In fact, their level of smooth is what has people calling them country music's first (or next?) boyband, but since we're just one song deep into their catalog, we'll just say they're six boys in a band. Who knows, they could go straight-up hip-hop next time?

The beachside music video for "World for Two" showcases the group as true musicians, something that comes through during an organic arrangement. Anyone wanting to call them or this style "weak" has to take notice of a pretty edgy guitar solo before the bridge. King Calaway might be able to bring it!

The sound is reminiscent of the early '90s soft-rock band Mr. Big on "To Be With You," but one may recall how another pop-friendly country act dove into those influences deeper than ever before five years ago. Yes, in a way KC are doing what Dan + Shay did with "19 You + Me." There are fans to be found in that space!

Did You Know?: The other reason King Calaway are thought of as a boyband is that they were put together, much like 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys.

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King Calaway, "World for Two" Lyrics:

Sometimes I think this world's too much / All the hurt, all the hate, all it takes is a human touch / It's so easy to get lost in the light / Make a change, make a choice, all the noise, we can drown it out.

Meet me out where the stars turn blue / Come on, touch the sky and enjoy the view / So come here, make it all disappear like lovers do / Girl, for you, I wish that I could build a world for two / Girl, for you, I wish that I could build a world for two.

Kiss me like there's no one else for miles / Take it fast, take it slow, letting go for a little while / Heaven's so close to the both of us / For the rest of the night, we could fly, we could rise above.

I'd build a world, girl for you I'd build a world for two, yeah.

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