Throughout his time in the spotlight, Keith Urban has progressively added to his collection of tattoos. The inked-up country superstar is at seven as of now, though there's an eighth that's no longer visible thanks to one tattoo artist's skillful hands.

Yup, the tattoo on Urban's right wrist actually covers up an old tattoo, one the singer got with an ex. (C'mon now, Keith, didn't anyone ever tell you that's a risky proposition?) These days, it's a tribute to his wife of more than a decade, actress Nicole Kidman; in fact, it's one of two tattoo Urban has for her!

Country fans have likely seen four of Urban's tattoos before; a fifth has probably been spotted by particularly eagle-eyed fans. The other two? Well, the paparazzi have seen them, so we know they exist. Read on to learn more about all seven of Urban's tattoos.

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