Reported new ‘American Idol’ judge Keith Urban and wife Nicole Kidman were caught by the Kiss Cam of sorts at the U.S. open in Queens, N.Y. on Friday (Aug. 31.) The adorable and happy couple were taking in a tennis match between American Andy Roddick and Australian Bernard Tomic when they were photographed sharing a big ol’ kiss.

Urban and Kidman, who are parents to daughters Sunday and Faith, were not shy (at all) about expressing their love on camera. It’s a sweet, romantic shot of the twosome while courtside.

Judging by the way that Urban is cradling his wife’s head and how her eyes are closed while they smooch, Urban and Kidman are still as in love as ever.

It’s a busy time for Urban right now. In addition to enjoying a little sports entertainment with his Oscar-winning wife, the singer will teach high school for an hour this coming Thursday (Sept. 6) and if/when the ‘Idol’ judge’s panel gig is signed, sealed and delivered, we’ll be seeing even more of this country superstar in the mainstream media world, since that comes with the turf.

Still, it’s nice to see that he and the missus make time for romance.

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