At this point, it's almost a given that Kassi Ashton made the marching band outfits -- including the hats -- featured in her latest music video, for her song "Violins," herself. A wildly resourceful and imaginative artist whose motto is "If it doesn't exist, create it," the singer has sewed clothing for her red carpet appearances, as well as for the music video for 2018's "Taxidermy."

However, in the video for her new single, custom-made outfits designed by the artist are just the beginning. Ashton had a hand in every aspect of the creative process.

"I am very, very visual as a human being," she tells The Boot, "even back to, like, middle school. I would literally study for tests by memorizing what the pages looked like."

From the beginning, the concept behind the "Violins" project was to make something relatable, but not too literal. "I wanted kind of an editorialized version of being in school," Ashton explains. "I wasn't really trying to play a 17 year old. It just happened to fit so perfectly with the chorus, like, 'Oh, I can't hear your violins, I've got my own marching band ...' I was like, 'Oh, marching band outfits would be so amazing!'"

Ashton wasn't just the brains behind the theme of the video, though. She had plenty of thoughts about its aesthetics, too.

"I really love when rooms are flooded with one color of light, especially red. I thought that went great with the tone," she continues. "And then, of course, I danced my entire life -- six days a week -- so it was the first chance for me to be like, 'Can I have backup dancers?!' I was so excited!"

In order to fulfill her vision for the project, Ashton teamed with director Kristen Barlowe, who -- Ashton discovered, much to her delight -- is just as detail-oriented as the singer herself. When she sent her director a photoshopped image of the kind of setting she had in mind, Barlowe nailed down every specific, and even a detail or two that Ashton didn't realize she was looking for.

"I didn't even notice that I had put windows in the gym of my photoshopped example," Ashton points out, "and she found a gym with windows."

To many viewers, the most memorable piece of the "Violins" music video, however, will be Ashton's playful, take-no-bull attitude. She says that while her songs span a wide range of topics and aspects of her personality, it was important to her to include this sentiment among that.

"I always say, there's a God-given reason sassy rhymes with Kassi!" she crows. "But really, my number one thing -- and I think this is the thread that holds all my layers together -- is empowerment. I just want to empower everyone, no matter their sex or age or anything, to be their 110-percent, most-authentic self.

"I think if bring that to the table, they feel more confident bringing theirs to the table as well," she adds.

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