Kane Brown has released a new single from his first full-length album, Kane Brown. Click play below to listen to his new song featuring Lauren Alaina, "What Ifs."

Following Brown as he tries to win over the girl of his dreams, "What Ifs" is an upbeat love song that mixes country, pop and R&B with an infectious beat. Brown and Alaina's vocals complement each other well, as her added melody is the perfect way to soften Brown's deep vocals for this carefree track.

"What if I was made for you and you were made for me? / What if this is it? What if it’s meant to be? / What if I ain’t one of them fools just playing some game?" sings Brown in the chorus of "What Ifs." "What if I just pull you close? What if I lean in? / And the stars line up, and it’s our last first kiss / What if one of these days, baby, I go and change your name? / What if I loved all these what ifs away?"

For fans of Brown, it will come as no surprise that he tapped Alaina to perform on his latest single: The two artists have known each other since middle school, and were both in the same choir class at Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School, in their native Georgia. As a shy student, Brown refused to sing in class until Alaina clued him in to his potential.

“He was really shy, and he wouldn’t sing in chorus class, and I said, ‘Come on, Kane, I think you could be a good singer,’ and then he started singing, and now look at him," Alaina recalls. "The world can thank me!"

Brown agrees with his longtime friend and collaborator saying, "It got me here, so I credit her.”

"What Ifs" is the third single from Brown's eponymous debut album on RCA Nashville, following "Ain't No Stopping Us Now," released in June of 2016, and August's "Thunder in the Rain."

Listen to Kane Brown (Feat. Lauren Alaina), "What Ifs":

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