As she gears up to move on to a new chapter of her career, Kacey Musgraves admits that it's always a little sad to say goodbye to an album cycle.

"You find something that speaks to you, [and] you create everything around it. You live inside it for a long time," the singer reflects. "You create a tour from it. All of your inspiration for it comes from this tiny seed of an idea. And everything spins off from that, and it generates so much excitement, so much stimulation, so much happiness and so much fun. And also a lot of hard work."

That's especially true for Golden Hour, Musgraves' newest album. Since she released the record in late March of 2018, the project has become a formative one for Musgraves' career, earning her a slew of distinctions, massive critical acclaim and an ever-expanding fanbase both within and outside of the country genre. It's been a monumental album for the singer, so it's natural that she's a little sad to put it in the past.

"Post-creation depression, I think, is a thing," Musgraves continues. "But you can always sing those songs. The chapter isn't dying. You're gonna move on to things that inspire you just as much."

On the heels of an album as resoundingly successful as Golden Hour, which won, among many other accolades, the all-genre award for Album of the Year at the 2019 Grammy Awards, it can feel daunting to return to the musical drawing board. Musgraves knows what it's like to worry that the creative well might have dried up -- but she also knows it's important to have faith in her process.

"I think that, as creators, we all get a little bit worried that the muse isn't gonna find us again," she continues. "It can be panicking. It can feel like, 'Oh my God, am I ever gonna be able to beat that?' or, 'Am I gonna find anything that's as inspiring?'

"But I think that might be the wrong way to think about it," Musgraves goes on to say. "Because the things that inspire me the most are the things living in everyday little life: tiny things, conversations and relationships -- you know, just being human."

Though Musgraves isn't exactly sure what the future will bring, she's trusting that the muse will find her again.

"It's there," she says. You just have to look for it."

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