"We Didn't Have Much," Justin Moore's first release from his not-yet-announced next album, speaks to a popular country music theme that just might be surging in popularity right now: happiness in simplicity.

The often-traditional singer released on Friday (Oct. 9) one of two current country singles with lyrics that look back with nostalgia on simpler times (the other is Runaway June's "We Were Rich"). It worked for Miranda Lambert -- 2014's "Automatic" was a major hit -- and with life simultaneously slowed down due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, yet feeling more hectic and harrowing than ever, now seems like a good time to reminisce about "jumpin' those hills with Luke and Bo," Sunday evening chicken dinners after a day of watching NASCAR and "a little-bitty house" filled with love.

"We had it all when we didn't have much," Moore sings to conclude the chorus.

Written by Jeremy Stover, Randy Montana and Paul DiGiovanni, and produced by Stover and Scott Borchetta, "We Didn't Have Much" leans into familiar country music themes and imagery, but Moore says it truly reflects how he and his family -- wife Kate and their three daughters and one son -- have been living in the COVID-19 era.

"2020 has led my family and I to lead a more simple life than what we are accustomed to," the artist shares, "and this song speaks to the beauty in that simplicity."

Did You Know?: "We Didn't Have Much" leads what will be Moore's sixth studio album. He made his debut a little over a decade ago, in 2009, with a self-titled record.

Justin Moore's "We Didn't Have Much" Lyrics:

Tonka trucks and G.I. Joes / Jumpin' those hills with Luke and Bo / Plastic cap guns and a swimmin' hole / Don't get no dirt on your church clothes / Win or lose, we cheered for the Braves / Ten percent in the offering plate / Sunday chicken and a NASCAR race / Sure be nice to get back to that place


There was dirt on Daddy's clothes / From puttin' that bacon on Mama's stove / Dog barkin' the yard and a truck we don't own / All we had was us / Had a little bitty house and a lot of love / We had it all when we didn't have much

Eighteen, left it all behind / Chasin' a girl, chasin' a dime / Went so far trying to get mine / I can't see that old porch light that led me home at night

Repeat Chorus

When we didn't have much ...

I can still hear Grandma readin' that red-letter book of John / I can still smell coffee in the kitchen / Old Don Williams on, and ...

Repeat Chorus

Had it all when we didn't have much ...

Little-bitty house and a lot of love / We had it all when we didn't have much

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