I was going through my finances the other day and it made me think about money, how much I would love to be rich.

But that thought made me wonder just how rich is rich?

One million dollars used to be the staple of wealth, but nowadays a million dollars is not as much as it was once thought to be.

With Jeff bezos, Bill Gates and others earning hundreds of billions every year.

So, my thought, how much is one billion dollars, really?

Here are some stats for you:

One million seconds: roughly 2 1/2 weeks

One BILLION seconds: close to 35 years.

Jeff Bezos is worth 113 Billion dollars. The median income for someone in the United States is $51K/year.

Jeff Bezos could give 1,960,784 americans the median yearly income and still have 13 billion dollars left over.

If he just had 13 billion dollars, he would be the 85th richest person in the world.

To better understand how much money that is. Watch this video.

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