June 12th is a landmark day for millions of people.

We have to go back to 1967, Ronald Reagan became Governor of California, The Doors released their debut album, and Richard and Mildred Loving were in the court battle that would change history.

Loving v. Virginia, the court battle that struck down the ruling against interracial marriage in America.

Their story is one of true love. She got pregnant in 1958. They actually had to leave the state of Virginia to get married. When they returned they were arrested and threatened to be jailed if they did not leave the state for 25 years.

So, they left their home, but they did not back down. They sent a letter to Robert F. Kennedy, Attorney General.

Their case made it all the way to the Supreme Court where the ruling was turned over unanimously.

This story is so impactful that it was made into a movie back in 2016.

Now, Loving Day is celebrated throughout the world, thanks to the research of a man named Ken Tanabe. Read the whole story here. 

In a rare interview in 2007, she said she does not want to be viewed as a hero for the changes that were made. She was just a young woman in love.

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