The JPW Learning Center will have a Summer Art Day and a Summer Reading & Math Skills Program.


Summer Art Day will be on Saturday, July 16th, from 9-11 at the Center, 403 W. Washington.

Jennifer Folsom will lead the class in hands on art lessons. The finished art works will be displayed at The Caliente Art Gallery during the Art Crawl on August 7th.

Cost is $20.00, reservations are required, and the class is limited to 7 students.
Call 655-2331 to reserve a place now.

There's also a Summer Reading & Math Skills program  that features 1 hour sessions that are set up between the parent(s) and teachers. Average cost per session is $20-$25 per sessions with scholarships available for students currently enrolled in their school's dyslexia program.

Call 325-655-2331 or email

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