Jon Pardi has released a new single, "Heartache on the Dance Floor," the third release off of his latest album, California Sunrise.

Pardi co-wrote "Heartache on the Dance Floor" alongside Bart Butler and Brice Long. The song tells the story of love at first sight, beginning with the first glimpse of a beautiful girl on the dance floor at an out-of-town bar "out by the sandin "some little West Coast town."

"First thing that caught my eye, like nothin’ I’d ever seen / Sunburnt auburn hair, a California dream," Pardi sings in the first verse of "Heartache on the Dance Floor." "Yeah, she was shakin’ them hips to some ‘ol Motown song / I couldn’t say a thing, so I sang along."

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Pardi never reveals if the girl's dance moves lead to long-term romance, but he does say that they made him stick around: "I just hung around this little West Coast town / I drop by every night, I stay ‘til closin’ time," Pardi sings -- he's presumably hoping to find his redhead again.

"Heartache on the Dance Floor" is Pardi's third single from California Sunrise; it follows the successful releases of "Dirt on My Boots" and "Head Over Boots," which both hit No. 1. "Head Over Boots" was the singer's first-ever No. 1 hit.

California Sunrise is available for download via iTunes.

Listen to Jon Pardi, "Heartache on the Dance Floor":

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