Jon Pardi continues to release the catchiest dang songs to country radio, but his latest, "Heartache on the Dance Floor," has real heart.

The third single from the underrated California Sunrise album is built to be a third straight No. 1 hit. Pardi effortlessly mixes west coast country guitar riffs with casual heartbreak. A more obtuse country fan may miss the story he tells during "Heartache on a Dance Floor." Bart Butler and Brice Long helped him pen the mid-tempo track.

Pardi's melancholy bleeds through after early enthusiasm for this shot at love fades. The song is about missed opportunities, an underused theme in country music that stings every time (think Zac Brown Band's "As She's Walking Away"). After two lighter hits, the California-raised singer adds depth to his radio catalog with "Heartache on the Dance Floor."

Did You Know?: Pardi is the most recent winner of the ACM New Male Vocalist of the Year award.

Listen to Jon Pardi, "Heartache on the Dance Floor"

Jon Pardi's "Heartache on the Dance Floor" Lyrics

Yeah, I was just hanging out / Some little west coast town / Found a bar out by the sand, so I made my way in / First thing that caught my eye / Like nothing I'd ever seen / Sunburned auburn air the California dream / Yeah, she was shaking them hips / To some old Motown song / I couldn't say anything so I sang along.

She was a heartache on the dance floor, heartache on the dance floor / Yeah, she's moving through my mind, moving through my mind / I gotta know her name and I gotta see her again / She's got me wondering, yeah I'm just wondering / Where she at, where she at, where she at tonight / Where she at, where she at, where she at tonight, oh yeah.

So I just hung around this little west coast town / I dropped by every night, I stayed till closing time / My little mystery, that girl is killing me / So I put on a song just to sing along.

She's got me mesmerized, she's all I'm thinking about / All I think about, think about, think about.

So I'm right here right now / Humming this little song / If I could say a thing / I'd want you to know.

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