Joe Nichols says he's done chasing. His new Never Gets Old album is about getting back to the nostalgic brand of country music that "brought me to dinner." During this Taste of Country video exclusive premiere, the singer talks about what motivates him.

The 40-year-old country singer says when he's doing it right, the creative process doesn't feel like work. "It feels like you're satisfying a part of your soul," Nichols assures.

Joe Nichols Never Gets Old Album
Joseph Llanes

"At this point my goal is feel good about what I do, provide for my family and be here as long as I can. Quit when I wanna quit."

That happens frequently on Nichols' upcoming 12-track studio album, set for release on July 28. He dives deep into a sound that made a hitmaker 15 years ago, proving some styles do indeed never get old. Last month he talked about being proud about how much room to work his record label gave him.

"I tried to round this album out with what my first album is like," Nichols told us prior to his set at the Taste of Country Music Festival in June.

 Joe Nichols Talks About the Song "Never Gets Old"

"Never Gets Old" is the current single. The song is one of at least two you wouldn't even think of putting in any category other than country (the other being "Billy Graham's Bible"). "Undone" did not make the cut, indicating just how far Nichols wanted to swing back to a sound fans grew to love him for originally.

"The chasing of the current sound on the radio, I wouldn't say it's getting old, but I would say we weren't in it for the right reason," Nichols says. "So rather than chase what's popular ... why not get back to what brought me to dinner. The nostalgia of traditional country music is important."

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