Country star Joe Diffie has released an array of different tracks over the course of his extensive musical career, and he says his newest single, "Quit You," immediately stood out to him the first time he heard it. A different kind of love song, "Quit You" focuses on the addictive power of an ultimately ill-fated romance, and the desperation of someone struggling to hold onto a love that they know will ultimately not last. 

"Quit You," which was written by Danny Bell, Jeffrey East and Andy Eutsler, fell into Diffie's lap by chance when his drummer told him about a song he had played with another band that seemed to do well with audiences. Read on to learn more.

I actually found the song. I was with a guy who played drums for me, and he was like, "Hey, I was in this band that had this song that everybody seemed to like. Do you want to hear it?" So I said, "Absolutely." So that's how I found it -- he sent me the song.

It's off a project called I Got This that I have that's coming out in the spring [of 2019]. So I've just been performing these new songs and doing a bunch of shows and having fun. I did this project, and I found a bunch of songs that I just really, really love. I think this song just reminds me of, you know, when you're in love, it's like, "I can quit anything else, but I can't quit you."

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