Jessie James Decker's "Roots and Wings" is an identifying ballad that showcases the singer's lilting voice and range.

The tightly-written, pop-influenced track is reminiscent of early-century Shania Twain with a combination of polished vocals and raw country themes. Decker patiently works through lyrics that tell of the people, places and things that made her who she is today. It's easy to identify with "Roots and Wings" from the very first verse — a portrait of nature that quickly becomes some introspective.

The arrangement offers few surprises and from a sonic standpoint an acoustic guitar pins the nostalgic cut, although her production team uses a heavier hand as the song moves toward its climax. It's a song that would play well beyond country radio — one could easily envision "Roots and Wings" getting picked up by AC stations and playlists, as well.

Did You Know?: Decker released "Roots and Wings" on April 12, 2019, her 31st birthday.

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Jessie James Decker's "Roots and Wings" Lyrics:

Have you ever seen a magnolia in the spring / Birds on a branches waiting on a breeze / A place to land and find a song to sing / They’re a lot like me / A lot like me.

Roots and wings / I’m somewhere in between / Where I’m from and what I’ve dream / What I’ve known and what I’ve seen / No matter where I go / The sky above, the ground below / My heart will have a home cause I got these / Roots and wings.

They’re stronger than I ever knew they’d be / Run deeper than the dirt beneath my feet / And even if I’m losing hope they always carry me.

And when I’m up there flying / And I need some reminding.

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