All right. Controversy aside, we already know it's actually a bona fide country song (as proven by Keith Urban). Now, the latest artist to take on Lil Nas X's much-debated "Old Town Road" is Jessie James Decker, who treated everyone to a sample of the song on her Twitter account.

It's fun to hear a female voice on this song, although Decker's share stops one minute into the tune and avoids any gender-leaning references (such as "cheated on my baby, you can go and ask her" and the infamous "boobies" reference). "If y'all wanna hear the whole thing...let them know," she teased.

While many fans enthusiastically approved, demanding to hear the entire version, just as many rolled their eyes. "No, just no," replied one; while another groused, "Thank you for that thing no one asked for...oof this song needs to be gone, it was trash from the beginning."

While Decker's girlie version of the song is novel, she's far from the only one who's been entranced by the polarizing song, which has run all the way up the flagpole of the Billboard Hot 100 with scathing/raving debates as to whether it's a real country song or not. Billy Ray Cyrus was the first country singer to endorse "Old Town Road," going as far as to cut a remix. Since then Jake Owen has announced a collaboration with the rapper, Urban gave it his definitive spin, and Jimmie Allen has given the song a thumbs up. Meanwhile, Luke Combs and the Brothers Osborne aren't fans.

For those who don't particularly lean one way or the other, it's hard to deny that the song is catchy. We'll see if Decker decides to do anything with it.

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