Jason Aldean's new single "We Back" could fit on any of his eight previous studio albums, which he says was the point. The country-rocker is a right down Aldean Street "banger."

Aldean's live show is fueled by guitar-driven rock, precise rhythms and a chip on the singer's shoulder, but you have to go back to "They Don't Know" to find a radio single that matches. Fans learned to count on roughly one of these kind of singles per album cycle until Rearview Town disrupted the pattern. Think "Gonna Know We Were Here" from Old Boots, New Dirt, "The Only Way I Know" from Night Train and "My Kinda Party" from the 2010 album of the same name. While he's proven to be very capable of delivering vulnerable ballads and hip-hop inspired love songs, it's these kinds of moments that identify him and sell concert tickets. "We Back" recharges his brand and fans.

"When I came into country music and made my mark, it was with a banger," Aldean says in a press release. "But we haven’t put out a lot of that stuff over the last couple years."

Perhaps only Toby Keith is more adept over the last 25 years at serving his diehard fans first while allowing his artistry to creep forward incrementally. Where an outsider may hear the same song again, Aldean fans will appreciate his continued efforts to serve as a voice for their forgotten blue collar and rural plight.

Did You Know?: Aldean's new 9 album will drop on Nov. 22. The number nine is his lucky number.

Is "We Back" Worthy of Jason Aldean's Top 10 Songs List? 

Jason Aldean, "We Back" Lyrics:

Where’s the guy in the steel toes covered in dirt / Just a rock n’ roll t-shirt headed to work / With a pack of Red Man in his pocket / He’s kind of red man but he’s rockin’ / Where’s the beat up Telle and the Marshall stack / Little Marshall Tucker and a six pack / Where’s the good ‘ol boys and the good ol’ days / Straight up gettin’ sideways.

We back, we back, we back in the speakers / Back in Black gettin’ based in the bleachers / It’s probably true what my momma said / I do it just like my daddy did / We back, we back, we back in the saddle / Back on stage makin’ the whole place rattle / Back with the A-team, train on the track / Thought we were gone but you’re wrong, now it’s on / We back.

Where’s the chick wearin’ blue jeans a little too tight / Got a grip on a doozie if it’s what she likes / Gettin’ picked up in a pickup / Kickin’ it with guys like us.

Repeat chorus

Sun comes up and sun goes down, yeah / Everything good comes back around.

Repeat chorus

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