Earlier this month, the E! television network premiered its latest reality program, ‘Opening Act,’ which scours the web for potential opening acts for huge artists. On Monday (July 23), Jason Aldean will be the featured entertainer.

The show seeks out never-before-heard talent via social media networks — like YouTube — and gives them the chance to be front and center, opening up for some the biggest stars in music. While the show is based on reality, it’s nothing like ‘The Voice’ or ‘American Idol,’ which Aldean can officially attest to.

“It was a cool experience, and I really didn’t know what to expect when we did it,” Aldean tells Taste of Country of his inclusion on the show. “I think when everybody reads that we’re part of this show, they think that I’m like Blake [Shelton], and I’m a judge on this show or something. It’s not that at all.”

In Aldean’s upcoming episode, he will work with a young female country artist, who later gets the experience of a lifetime opening up a concert for the superstar. “I think it’s really cool to give a young artist like that the chance to come out and experience what it’s like on a big stage; not just playing at the Sweet Potato Festival or whatever,” Aldean says. “I did the same stuff … I played all those little things like that, but to get a chance to come out and see what it’s really all about is something that should kind of inspire them a little bit to want to reach for it a little more. To have somebody who had never really experienced that before come out and do that for the first time … it was just really cool.”

Jason Aldean’s ‘Opening Act’ experience airs Monday, July 23 at 10PM ET on E!

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