Restaurants across the country, including family-friendly favorites such as Chuck E. Cheese, may be closing down operations right and left due to ever-changing local regulations, but that certainly is not stopping Jason Aldean and his clan from having fun on their own terms!

Aldean's wife, Brittany, recently posted some shots of the playroom in their new house that would give any kiddie hotspot a run for its money. (Well, maybe not Disneyland—which also remains closed due to COVID-19 concerns—but close!)

Jason Aldean playroom

Brittanys photos, shared to her Instagram stories, showed off son Memphis (2) and daughter Navy (1) running around a space with just about anything a little kid could desire, including a massive ball pit, wooden slide, and a miniature stage for performing (with the title of his 2019 anthem, "We Back," emblazoned overhead).

Jason Aldean playroom 2

The playroom appears bigger in and of itself than many play spaces or restaurants open to the public, but that is no surprise: Aldean's been planning and building his dream house for quite some time now, and the end result (which the family moved into just recently) is on a grand scale that has to be seen to be believed. The playroom is small potatoes compared to the grand pool area, for example, which features a slide, swim-up tiki bar, and all the various special effects one might find at a luxury resort.

At any rate, however, Memphis and Navy seem to be enjoying their new space, which is all that matters. Mom Brittany has her own playroom in the new house, too—a two-story walk-in closet of any woman's dreams, more than big enough to fit all her many treasures from the fashion world!

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