Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Kerr, have welcomed their first child together to the world! Memphis Aldean Williams, a baby boy, arrived on Friday (Dec. 1).

Memphis was born at 1:29PM, weighing 9 pounds and 5 ounces.

"There are truly no words for the love we feel," Brittany writes on Instagram. "HANDS DOWN THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!"

Adds Aldean in an Instagram post of his own, "So blessed today to see my little man come into the world. In a year that has been a rollercoaster ride, this is what its all about. I cant wait to see what life has in store for this kid."

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Baby Memphis earned his name thanks to his father's love of Elvis Presley: “I’ve kinda been infatuated with Elvis since I was a kid, just always watching documentaries and stuff on him,” Aldean tells Country Countdown USA. His middle name is his father's stage name. Aldean changed the spelling of his own middle name, Aldine, to use as stage name; Aldine was also Aldean's grandfather's name.

“I just wanted him to have something that wasn’t very common," Aldean adds of Memphis' name. "I’m sure he’s gonna meet people with the name Memphis — he won’t be the only one -- but, you know, at least I think it’s unique enough where ... it won’t be like Michael or John or, you know, Jason. And that was kinda what we were going for."

Aldean and Kerr revealed her pregnancy in May, and then announced Memphis' sex later that month with the help of Aldean's two daughters, Keely and Kendall; both girls are children from Aldean's first marriage. The couple has been open about the details of Kerr's pregnancy on social media since then.

Aldean and Kerr have been married since March of 2015.

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