Jana Kramer and her husband Mike Caussin have been very open about the process of rebuilding their marriage in the wake of his infidelity, and now Kramer is channeling that into her music.

In her new single "Beautiful Lies," the singer shares all the thoughts and emotions she felt after hearing the news that Caussin had been unfaithful. “This song is exactly what happened with the break," she explains to People.. "In that moment where I found out about everything, I felt like the whole world was just spinning, like everything was just flipped upside down and it was this awful nightmare."

She captures this sentiment vividly in the song, painting a stark picture of her perspective amidst the pain—speaking of broken vows, feeling worthless and like the world around her was falling to pieces. "Tell me I'm making this up / That this ain't for real / Take me back to the night I could feel / Like I was enough / When love was just blind / I'm not ready for the truth to see the light / Make it up / Make it pretty / I don't mind / Tell me beautiful lies," she sings emotionally.

Though the two separated in 2016 after Caussin confirmed his infidelity and went to rehab, they reunited in 2017 and have been on the road to a stronger marriage. The couple is no holds barred about the subject on Kramer's podcast, Whine Down.

"Beautiful Lies" also serves as a preview of Kramer's new direction for her music, which she  is striving to make honest and vulnerable. “With the songs I’m going to release later this year, I want to tell the story from the break to healing," she says. “I can look back now, and [to] know how far we’ve come is amazing. To be able to release these songs this year and to show the growth is the cherry on top. It just fills my heart knowing how hard we’ve worked and how far we’ve come.”

Kramer gave brith to son Jace in late 2018; the baby is brother to the couple's 3-year-old daughter Jolie Rae.

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