What does Jake Owen do on his day off? A hilarious new video shows us, with Owen sharing his rap skills and hobbies with fans.

"In case you wonder how crazy we get on the road on our days off. Next level stuff," Owen writes on Facebook with a link to a video he made called "Putt Puttin'." In the minute-and-a-half clip, Owen and his crew get off the tour bus for a two-hour hang at a mini golf course before a recent show.

"Man, I'm about to let y'all in on some craziness. And I'm talking craziness when I'm not on the road. When I get a day off you know what I do? This is what I do," he says at the start of the video.

The camera then pans to Owen and friends holding their golf balls in hand before they get serious out on the course.

"I might skip the show and play all night," he raps of his love for mini golf.

Complete with auto-tune, Owen keeps the laughs coming as his friends are shown throwing their clubs in the water and rapping along in the clip, created by That's Classic Media.

A golfer himself, Owen grew up playing golf and has friends on the PGA tour. His knowledge of the sport make the lines even more clever. So how exactly does a day at the mini golf course end? With some ice cream, of course.

Owen's new single is "American Country Love Song" and is a track he's excited about.

“‘American Country Love Song’ is the first song I’ve released, I even see it on Twitter, people saying, ‘aw man it feels good to have Jake back singing songs like we’re expecting from him,’ you know, or people like, ‘ah, I can’t wait til summer, ‘cause Jake’s always got a summer song,’” Owen explains. “That’s what this song feels like to me. It’s just a good-feelin’ tune, and it’s doing really really well.”

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