Jake Owen is not only a busy singer-songwriter, but he's got another very important job role: dad.

The artist is a doting father to one daughter, Pearl, with whom he is very much in love, as is made clear through his Instagram posts. Despite being touring and his divorce from Pearl's mom, Owen makes his little girl a priority, and as all women know, there’s nothing more swoon-worthy than a handsome dad gushing over his precious daughter. This is one star who's not afraid to gush over his favorite lady, often posting photos from early-morning snuggle sessions and outdoor adventures with his best bud. The result? A steady stream of heart-melting photos plastering his Instagram feed (not that we’re complaining).

10. When Pearl took up wakeboarding.

A daddy/daughter duo that adventures together, stays together. This photo of little Pearl with her very first wakeboard is a testament to just how deep their connection goes. If daddy’s going to the lake, so is Pearl. As the caption notes, Owen had been waiting for this moment her whole short life, and it finally came. Nothing like a dad seeing his little girl carry on the family traditions.

9. When he bought her matching Ray-Bans.

Monkey see, monkey do. Owen’s daughter clearly loves her daddy and wants to be just like him — right down to the sunglasses. Owen says his goofy little mini-me was entertaining him for hours with these shades, as fans can see in this adorable photo.

8. When he ditched his surprise plans to hang out at home.

It’s not all trips to the lake and backstage passes for this duo. Sometimes, quality time means simply watching cartoons together — even when they had tickets to a special show. It doesn’t seem like Owen minded the change in plans too much, though. A dad who can go with the flow and choose down time with his baby girl over big surprises is one you certainly want around.

7. When he celebrated Father’s Day.

It looks like Pearl is taking up another one of Owen’s favorite pastimes in this photo, and he couldn’t be more proud. But not just because of the hobby. Owen is constantly reminding fans just how lucky he feels to be Pearl’s dad, especially on Father’s Day, when this video was posted. His endless gratitude for his daughter is enough to make anyone’s heart melt.

6. When he showed off his goofy side.

Everyone knows a dad who can let loose and be silly is the best kind of dad. This photo proves that Owen has that on lock. Playing with his kiddo, making faces and joking around means he knows how to make the best of his time with Pearl, making memories that last a lifetime.

5. When he kept it simple.

Owen is not shy about the fact that Pearl is his favorite human being on the planet. This adorable photo is proof, showing Owen simply beaming, holding his baby girl, whom he dubs his "whole world.”

4. When he posted his Christmas card.

A Christmas photo on the beach seems like the perfect setting for this Florida-raised star, matching the little girl on his shoulders in bright red. They look right at home by the ocean, enjoying time together one on one. Again, Owen declares his adoration for his daughter, noting that she was the best gift he could’ve ever gotten. (Aww.)

3. When he wrote this sweet note about her.

This adorable photo of Pearl on the beach doesn’t actually feature Owen, but it’s the caption underneath that will do you in. His tribute to the little girl in the photo, whom he admits is growing up too fast, shows he’s an artist to the core, pouring his heart into the words that can’t seem to say enough good things about her.

2. When he played her a song at bedtime.

If a dad singing with his daughter doesn’t make you swoon, we’re not sure what will. While Pearl’s friends’ dads may stick to classics like “Itsy Bitsy Spider," Owen pulls bedtime songs straight from his catalog. Pearl sings loud and proud along with her dad in this sweet video as Owen strums on an acoustic one of his newest tunes.

1. This photo.

What can we say? The smile on her face says it all. There’s no denying this girl loves her daddy, and he certainly adores her.

Jake Owen Gets Real About Fatherhood

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