Only 1 city in Texas made this list of safest college cities in the USA, meanwhile El Paso ... home of UTEP ... consistently wins "safest city" honors. WTH?

I totally wonder how accurate these types of lists really are. Seriously, it seems like you can find any result you want if you look hard enough and/or phrase your question right.

According to UTEP, they have one of the safest campuses around. In 2017, Southwest Assemblies of God gave themselves the "safest campus" kudos.

Canyon, Texas ... home of West Texas A & M University ...  got #21 on the safest 50 list compiled by, and is the only city in Texas to make the top 50.

Nestled in the picturesque Palo Duro Canyon Valley, the small City of Canyon is one of the best places to live in the State of Texas. It is home to West Texas A&M University and Canyon High School. The county seat of Randall County, Canyon has a 0.9 violent crime rate. - 

Canyon's biggest advantage is probably its small population coupled with the fact that half of Canyon's population, (15,608), are A & M students. It makes sense ... things are always safer when, (practically), everybody knows everybody.

  • According to UTEP, a 2020 report of the safest campuses in Texas alone named West Texas A & M safest, Weatherford College 2nd and UTEP 3rd.
  • A 2021 report also only had 1 Texas city/campus on the top 25 list, SMU at #24.
  • When looking at only Texas, that 2021 report ranked Texas Christian University in Fort Worth #1, Southern Methodist University in Dallas #2 and UTEP was 3rd.

So, yeah ... it seems the truth or accuracy of these things really comes down to who you ask.

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