Is TikTok getting banned? Let's hope not! When TikTok first came about I wasn't a user because it was owned by the Chinese government, but my friends would send me funny videos so I decided to get an account. Now I am an avid TikTok watcher and shopper. I have been lured by TikTok shop so many times I can't count. Who can pass up cheap clothes right?

It has been rumored that the United States would ban TikTok because it was owned by the Chines government and could pose a security risk to our informaiton. But will it really ever happen? Yesterday it did but you still have time to enjoy TikTok and keep the hope alive that it won't ever completely go away.

Yesterday, Joe Biden signed all that states that the Chinese tech giant ByteDance must sell their stake in TikTok within 12 months.

ByteDance plans to be it's own legal measure against the United States ruling so TikTok going away could take longer than 12 months if it is help in the legal process.

After the law was sign the CEO Shou Zi Chew said the following in a TikTok video, according to NPR:

"Rest assured, we aren't going anywhere," Chew said. "The facts and the Constitution are on our side and we expect to prevail again."

He also reassured users that they would not see any changes on the platform or its performance.

If you were interested in trying to buy TikTok from ByteDance, not only would it take Elon Musk kind of money but you would also have to have permission from the Chinese government, which they have been

There are over 170 million American TikTok users. So it is safe to say that we can still watch and post on TikTok for at least a year.

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