After passing the 2023 School Bond Election, signage has gone up at the 2 locations for the two New High Schools in Midland, Texas. Midland High School, will be built at the current Ranchland Golf Course, 1600 East Wadley Ave.  Midland Legacy will be built near Tradewinds Boulevard and Thomason Drive. Both schools are ranked 6a.

Here is a history on both of the schools.  Midland High School was built in 1959 and is 95 years old.  It is located 906 West Illinois.  Midland High has undergone renovations in the past but not enough to keep up with the requirements needed.  Midland High is 18% above Functional Capacity.

The School Bond approved $492,600,000 for the New Midland High School which will include accomodating 3800 students and updates on safety and security. There is no current plan for the use of the old Midland High School.

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The MISD School Bond also approved $492,600,000 for a New Midland Legacy High School. Midland Legacy is currently located 3500 Neely in Midland.  The school was originally built in 1961 and is currently 62 years old.  Midland Legacy has also had numerous renovations through the years and a name change from Midland Lee High School. The school is currently about 25% over Functional Capacity.

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100% of the bond will goes towards funding projects for 37 existing campuses plus building 3 new school.  It will also help manage enrollment growth, preparing for current and future students in the district, plus maintenance for existing schools.

The total approved in the School Bond was $1,415,400,000.  The entire amount will not be issued all at once but when needed.

The Midland ISD Tax Rate is frozen for Homeowners 65 years of age or older that have filed for their Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption.


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