As a Texas resident that is on a permanent medication due to an auto immune disorder, I am always keeping an eye out for prescription warnings and recalls because there is no way to make different lifestyle choices that will allow me to find a path off of medicinally treating my disease. Unfortunately, I am not alone in being prescribed a medication maintenance as it is believed over half of Americans take a daily dosage.

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This exact recall really raises a few alarms for me because it is for an injection medication, and I received my prescription via a prefilled syringe that I automatically administer after it arrives by mail without ever giving it a second thought.

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According to this PR Newswire article, the cause of the recall is because of the potential for there to be a foreign substance within the injectable and if the substance enters the blood vessels,

"It can travel to various organs and block blood vessels in the heart, lungs or brain which can cause stroke and even lead to death."
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New Texas Medicine Recall Because Users Are Vulnerable To Death

As you can see, the drug is intended for high blood pressure, and the thought of foreign substances being withing any drug is enough to make me hypertensive itself.

Seven lots of Treprostinil Injection 20mg/20mL have now been recalled, and should be returned immediately.

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