If we have ever spent anytime together at my Texas home, you immediately know that our conversations would have occurred in one of most likely just two locations, and they are both located on the ground level. When you have three children and a wife who are perpetually hungry, then the center of your universe if always going to be the kitchen.

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People quickly realize when I say my favorite hobby is grocery shopping I am not attempting to make a joke. I am constantly trying to get better, and the money invested in feeding my family is never wasted because unlike people who golf, I will never leave asking myself, "Why do I even bother?"

Probably the best part of this great news, is that even if this store isn't already a  favorite, it will be soon enough. You know I love it because I'm constantly writing articles and sharing recipes where the ingredients are all cheaply shopped from this store.

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Fantastic Grocery Store In Texas Now Opening 800 More Locations

That's right, Aldi is planning on either adding, renovating, or refurbishing 800 locations by the year 2028. According to this Supermarket News article, Aldi is investing $9 billion dollars, and plan to begin making these moves by mid summer.

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And you will see in the article listed above, not only is Aldi bringing more stores across the country, they have also promised to slash prices to save consumers even more.

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