The Texas Triangle is well known across the state and around the country as being home to over 20 million people which is about 70% of the entire population of the Lone Star State. However, in a state with over a quarter of a millions square miles that would make it the 39th country on Earth, there are literally hundreds of small cities filled with all kinds of legacy, legends, and landmarks.

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Small cities are becoming all the rave right now because they are less crowded, have generally safe communities, and with many retail options so readily available at your door via delivery, offer almost as many features as big cities minus a few tall buildings here and there.

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Texas Has One Of The 'Coolest Small Cities' In America

One of the complaints many of the other listed small cities in this MSN article were generally in the nature of how not small their city has become over time. Not only has this Texas's small city to make the list not grown, it has steadily declined in population for the last 80 years.

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Marfa really never was a small city, but it did reach almost 5,000 people during World War 2 as it featured a military base. Today it is a very sought after tourist destination, and not just so visitors can research visitors not from this world.

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