Not everyone's mind immediately jumps to a gas station or convenience store for food, but also not everyone lives in Texas and has a Buc-ee's within a short drive, or another one opening soon that is an even shorter drive. As much as we love how huge a brisket sandwich is at Buc-ee's and how it is complemented with an equally impressive price point, our favorite super gas station of the Lone Star State actually ranked as the 10th best in the United States for convenience store food.

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Since this poll was voted on by consumers and Buc-ee's has a strict no 18 wheeler policy, there is a chance some trucking union somewhere conspired to see the 10th place finish. I was also a bit surprised to see some very well defended convenience stores not crack the top 10 list like Sheetz or Wawa.

Another reason I believe Buc-ee's did not fare better is because their snack selection is so elite, it is nearly impossible to still have room in either your tummy or budget for the actual food items like sandwiches or breakfast burritos. With 99 cent ICEEs and all the gummies, they knew what they were doing by placing the snacks and bathrooms are on one side, and everything else is on the other.

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Casey's is still new to Texas, but it ranked as the top gas station for food in the state, and number 2 overall in the country in this USA Today article.

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Their pizza is easily the best, but when traveling it is tough to beat something that comes in a bag.

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