Golf is one of those hobbies that many enjoy. While some may find it boring, others are enthralled with the patience and skill it takes to play the game itself. Playing golf however requires a multitude of items.

For one, most courses have a dress code. You'll need a clubs too! Most importantly, you need a golf ball to hit as well.

However, a golf ball itself is a simple solid object that doesn't move on its own. Unless...the creature comes up to your front door!

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Golfing In Texas, With A Tarantula?

Yes, you read that right. Spider golf seems to be a thing in Texas. Well, at least according to this video recently posted to Tik Tok:

Well, I can safely say that unlocked a new fear in my life of a tarantula just walking up to my front door. No, I will not be providing a drink for you tarantula, please try the next house. But we digress here, let's give credit where credit is due.

The swing from this individual is impeccable isn't it? Yes the first swing didn't get much distance, but the second one was perfect, placing the spider away from the house. We do wonder what the spider thought after it landed though.

Now, for those who thought the spider was harmed by the impact, the video states the arachnid was ok. But, still, this whole mating season of them is still very, very unnerving isn't it? 

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