Weather in Texas is well...just one interesting thing after another isn't it?

We've seen some crazy things just happen in the state of Texas weather-wise. Especially recently, with how windy and cold it's been recently. But for most part, there's mostly sunny days in the Lone Star State.

But for most of us, we don't know what the weather brings day to day. So we look to various sources for what is upcoming climate-wise. Hopefully it's good news of course.

But for one weatherman in Texas, whether the news is bad or good, it's sure to be entertaining. How do we know? Well, music is involved, but not in a way you'd expect.

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Adam Krueger And His Musical Forecasts

So...what we mean by musical forecasts? Does he play different music during his reporting? Well, not really.

Instead he...subtly uses song lyrics themselves in the forecasts! Here's just some examples:

Look, as someone we grew up in Georgia, you can never go wrong with a little Outkast right? The way he censored the bad words with weather terms was just perfect wasn't it?

Come on, can't got wrong with the King Of Pop's classic on Halloween! Wish he would've done the dance during the forecast though.

A song that quite frankly PERFECT for any forecast when the skies are clear. Meteorologists should use the lyrics more honestly.

So long story short? We need more musical weather forecasts to be honest here. Maybe throw in a reference with "Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain?"

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