Finding homes for all the innocent cats and dogs in San Angelo with no home is a never-ending quest. Irresponsible pet owners who do hot neuter or spay their animals account for many innocent pets being put to death because our shelter has no room.

The generosity of San Angelo citizens when it comes to preventing innocent pet deaths is legendary.

There are limits. San Angelo restricts the number of dogs and cats that a person can own.

According to The City Of San Angelo website, you can own up to seven pets in the City of San Angelo.  There are some exceptions if you have puppies or kittens, but only until they're adopted.

The City requires all dogs to be leashed. There is a dog park at 3215 Millbrook Drive where dogs can play off-leash in designated areas. You cannot bring  into an off-leash area:

A dangerous dog is defined by Section 822.041 of the Texas Health and Safety Code.  A female dog in heat. More than two dogs at a time. A dog that is not currently registered, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered in compliance with Section 3 of the code.

Because caring for pets is becoming so expensive, limiting the number of pets one household can own within the city limits makes sense. Sec. 2.01.007 of the San Angelo Code of Ordinances requires that pets be vaccinated for rabies.

"“All dogs, cats, ferrets, and potbellied pigs kept, harbored or maintained by their owners within the city corporate limits shall be vaccinated for rabies by the time the animal is four months of age, again at twelve months of age, and once every year if a one-year effective rabies vaccine is administered or once every 3 years thereafter if a 3-year effective rabies vaccine is administered.”

There are an overwhelming number of feral cats running free in San Angelo. These cats can carry diseases. Likewise, San Angelo has encountered a problem with dangerous dogs running free in some neighborhoods.  It is crucial to abide by all pet ordinances for pet and human safety.

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