So often, we see stories of extraordinary dogs who face unbelievable hardships to save their human parents. I have often heard it said that human beings don't deserve dogs. This week's news out of San Angelo proves that dogs don't deserve some of us.

Three dogs were found intentionally poisoned. The dogs were found in two locations in Riverbend Estates. Look at the photos. These dogs only wanted to be loved. It is not hard to imagine them playing with their favorite toys or anxiously chasing a happy child who loves them.

It is a well-documented fact that most mass murderers start by harming animals.  There is an evil mental pathology at work; some could even call it demonic. Such an utter disregard for life is terrifying.

It could have been a child who found the poison, the fentanyl, and the anti-freeze that killed these pets. As long as the perpetrators of this evil go undetected and unpunished, no one's pet or child is safe.

Pet owners must keep watching their pets.  Keep them confined and watch them closely on walks. You should also monitor your children, particularly in the neighborhood where these pets were found.  Police urge everyone to watch out for anyone giving food or treats along fence lines. If you see something, say something.

While it is too late for these precious pets, vigilance might save others.

If you are the person or persons involved in this horrible crime, I hope you are haunted by what you have done.  I urge you to seek out counseling. There is a timebomb of evil inside you. Talk to someone before your actions result in more death.  There is still time for you to get help. Warm, loving hugs are so much better than death and despair.

For all who need to do something, I urge you to donate to Concho Valley PAWS. Your donations in honor of the animal victims of this despicable act could go a long way to saving other puppies or kittens facing dire circumstances and cruelty.

There is one more thing you can do. If you have a pet, give them a loving hug or treat. Loving a pet makes us better human beings. Indeed, anyone who has known the unconditional love of a pet could never do what was done to these dogs this week in San Angelo.

I hope they get the help they need.

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