Country artist Stephanie Quayle is getting behind the mic in a new way: As a podcaster. She has officially launched her own podcast called On the Edgewhich accompanies her album of the same name.

Released in November 2022, Quayle's On the Edge album details the journey of grief she experienced after her boyfriend died in a plane crash in 2009. Betrayal came soon after the pain of his death, when she learned her late love had been with other women. The album's tracks channel the emotions she experienced during this time, and on the accompanying podcast, she dives into the inside details behind each song.

"I felt strongly that utilizing my voice in every capacity to share my own continuous journey of healing would go beyond the album," Quayle says via press release. "The podcast is a natural place for the conversation to continue and shed light on how I’m working through it all and maybe there are flickers of light that you can use in your own life. My hope is that you will be able to borrow courage if you are going through something difficult and know that you are not alone."

Quayle released the first episode of On the Edge on Wednesday (March 8), in which she shares the story behind the vulnerable album track "The Lost Years." According to the episode, Quayle entered a "season of reflection" after finding out about her boyfriend's infidelity, and the song was written about that time in her life.

"If you’ve ever stayed in a relationship or season of life too long, and it felt like you ‘lost time’ – this episode is sure to bring your power back, and perhaps not in a way you expect," she writes in the episode's description.

New 15-minute episodes of the On the Edge podcast will be released every Wednesday. Quayle says she hopes the podcast serves as inspiration to others.

"We all have a voice —  and through that gift we can all amplify our voices to collectively create more space for empathy, kindness and understanding," she says. "The truth is difficult but like the very wise Robert Frost once said, 'the only way 'round is through.'"

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