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Triple digit heat has returned to much of Texas on Thursday and temperatures will be getting higher throughout the day. Friday also looks to be a hot day across the state. And that means air conditioners are running all over Texas.

Due to the extreme temperatures along with ERCOT's forecasted high demand and low reserves, ERCOT has issued a Voluntary Conservation Notice until at least 8 p.m. this evening. The lower reserves are due to low wind generation.

It's important to note that ERCOT is not currently in emergency operations.

As WFAA reported, it's not uncommon for ERCOT to ask Texans to conserve energy.

It's not uncommon for ERCOT to issue conservation alerts in the winter and summer months, when Texas experiences extreme weather and temperatures. When ERCOT has issued conservation alerts in the summer in the past, they've asked Texans to set their thermostats to 78 degrees.

"The 78 degree goes back many years to the first energy crisis with Jimmy Carter," Bruce Bullock with the SMU Cox School of Business told WFAA in 2022.

Carter in 1979 had asked all federal buildings be set to 78 degrees in the summer and 55 degrees in the winter to offset the incredible strain on resources.

A Weather Watch will remain in effect though August 18th. For more tips and information and on how to save energy, visit ERCOT's website.

The good news is that while it will be hot again next week, it doesn't appear to be as many triple digit days.

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