Check Out This Video of a Swarming Plague of Grackles Causing Chaos in a Texas Parking Lot.

Can you imagine heading to your local grocery store, ready to stock up on essentials, and as you step out of your car, you're met with a sight that brings chills to your bones.

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The sky darkens as hundreds, maybe thousands, of grackles swoop down, filling the air with loud squawks and the flutter of wings. This isn't just another day in Texas; it's a full-blown grackle takeover, and it was all caught on camera.


So Many

The now-viral video shows a parking lot completely overrun by these black birds. Grackles, known for their glossy feathers and bright yellow eyes, are famous for gathering in large flocks, especially during the winter. But this swarm is something else.

Please Don't Poop on Me

In the footage, you can see the birds perched on everything—cars, shopping carts, and even the ground. The grackles' sheer numbers are enough to make anyone think twice about stepping out of their car. People are seen ducking and dodging, trying to avoid the mess that comes with so many birds in one place.


Not Uncommon

Experts say that such massive gatherings of grackles aren't uncommon in Texas. The state's mild winters and abundant food make it a perfect spot for these birds. While they might be a common sight, the impact of their presence is anything but ordinary. Apart from the noise and the mess, these birds can cause real problems when they take over urban areas.

Check out the video below:

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